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Terms of Service


Acceptance of Terms

By entering into a business relationship with Gulf Coast Company, you (the Client) agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

Timeframe and Delivery

Gulf Coast Company operates from Monday to Friday, 10am – 6pm Eastern Standard Time, excluding holidays. We strive to meet agreed-upon deadlines and will notify you as early as possible if delays occur due to high workloads. Designs will be scheduled according to the earliest available time slot.

Design drafts will be sent to the Client’s email and/or SMS, where feedback can be provided. Gulf Coast Company will then revise the design as necessary until the Client’s satisfaction is met within the specified terms. The final design once approved and the balance paid, will be delivered to the Client in all requested formats for download from Dropbox. Gulf Coast Company does not provide archival storage of Client files.

Copyright / Trademarks

Gulf Coast Company produces original designs and takes precautions to avoid infringement on existing trademarks. If infringement occurs inadvertently, Gulf Coast Company’s responsibility is limited to revising the design or providing a new one at no cost or as negotiated.

The Client guarantees that any supplied design elements are free from copyright or trademark infringements. Gulf Coast Company is indemnified by the Client against legal actions arising from content provided by the Client.

Designs may be featured in Gulf Coast Company’s portfolio on the website, social media, press, or any commercial content unless explicitly excluded in writing by the Client before the project starts.

Revisions and Author Alterations

All revision requests, updates, corrections, additions, or alterations must be submitted to Gulf Coast Company in writing by email. While revisions may be initially discussed verbally, no work will proceed until written confirmation is received by Gulf Coast Company or verbally only to the project manager.

The Client is entitled to TWO revisions for creative services and FIVE for content creation specifically aimed at correcting grammar and language errors. Minor adjustments are allowed within these revisions; however, substantial changes to the design, concept, tone, or requests for additional coding will incur a charge of $100 per hour for each team member required to execute these changes.

The standard revision process provided by Gulf Coast Company includes ONE comprehensive revision stage and ONE additional minor revision stage. Requests for revisions must be made within THREE days of the receipt of the proofs. Should no revision requests be made within this period, the proofs will be deemed accepted as the final product. Any further revisions after this period will be subject to the hourly rate mentioned previously.

Please note that if the Client chooses to grant Gulf Coast Company full creative control at the outset of the project, thereby relinquishing their right to provide specific guidance, then the opportunity for the Client to influence the direction of the project will only exist during the allocated draft stages as detailed above. Once development has commenced following these stages, any new guidance or changes will be considered out of scope and treated as a new project, with applicable charges applied.

The total project cost initially quoted by Gulf Coast Company is based on the assumption of a reasonable number of revisions and billable hours as stipulated in this section. If the Client’s requests result in drafts or revisions that exceed the original scope, Gulf Coast Company reserves the right to revise the final invoice to accommodate the additional hours invested in achieving the Client’s requirements. This revised total will be communicated and itemized in a final invoice provided to the Client. Changes or additions requested after approval of the Client’s revisions will be considered a separate project and will require a new fee schedule.

Payment Policies

Gulf Coast Company’s specialized services are distinct from manufactured goods and are priced accordingly to ensure fair compensation for our team’s expertise.

Quotations and invoices are estimates until we deliver the project and only will be affected by the Client’s revisions and requests. The Client’s alterations overwrite the written contract. Final invoices will not exceed the estimated amount by more than 60% without prior authorization from the Client.

Deposits and Payments

Projects under $500 require full payment upfront. Projects over $500 require a 50% deposit, with the balance due before final file delivery. All work remains the property of Gulf Coast Company until full payment is received.

Monthly Billings

Regular clients may opt for a monthly billing cycle. Invoices are issued around the last Monday of each month, with current contact information and a valid credit card kept on file with Gulf Coast Company.

Online Payments

Payments are processed securely using HoneyBook and can be made via:

  • Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard)
  • PayPal
  • Email Money Transfer

We also accept:

  • Company or Certified Cheque
  • Bank or Wire Transfer
  • Money Order or Bank Draft

Accepted Payment Currencies

We bill clients in the USA in US Dollars.


Applicable taxes are charged based on the state where your project is registered.

Delinquent Invoices

Invoices are due on receipt. Late payment charges of 10% apply after 3 days and an extra 20% apply after 15 days. If default continues past 60 days, additional charges apply, and collection efforts may begin.

Abandoned Projects

A project is considered abandoned after 30 days without client communication. Deposits for abandoned projects are non-refundable.

Privacy Policy

Gulf Coast Company respects your privacy and operates in compliance with this policy.

Information Collection

Our servers log domain names and IP addresses but do not collect personal information unless provided by visitors.

Sensitive Information Disclosure

Confidential information provided to Gulf Coast Company for project purposes will remain private.

Information Storage

Client information is securely stored on our servers.


Gulf Coast Company is not liable for breaches by third parties or their privacy policies.

By using Gulf Coast Company’s services or website, you consent to these terms. We may update these Terms of Service, with the web page version taking precedence over other formats.

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Revised: Jun 3, 2023